Hydro Energy Industry News

Hydro energy is the most widely used form of renewable energy with 3 190 TWh generated worldwide. This corresponds to 16 % of the global gross electricity generation and 88 % of electricity from renewable resources. Moreover, the global hydropower potential is considered to be around 7 500 TWh/y. Hydroelectricity is being utilized in over in 160 countries, with the Asia-Pacific region generating around 32% of global hydropower. In more than 60 countries, hydropower covers at least 50 % of the electricity supply.

Hydroelectricity power plants are the biggest power stations in the world dwarfing the biggest nuclear and coal power projects. The world's biggest power plant is the Three Gorge Dam in China which at 22.5 GW is more than 50% larger than the 2nd biggest power station in the world. Most of the world's largest hydroelectricity plants in the world are situation in China and South America.

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