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The nuclear power stands on the border between humanity's greatest hopes and its deepest fears for the future. On one hand, atomic energy offers clean energy alternative. On the other, it summons images of disaster: quake-ruptured Fukushima power plant spilling radioactive water and the dead zone surrounding Chernobyl's site. Regardless of the safety concerns of nuclear power, there is no doubt that nuclear power is here to stay. While many countries have put in motion plans to phase out nuclear power, there are many who are actively boosting the growth of nuclear power.

In 2011 worldwide nuclear output fell by 4.3%, the largest decline on record, on the back of sharp declines in Japan (-44.3%) and Germany (-23.2%). Nevertheless, the industry is expected to expand and post a strong growth rate in the years to 2018. Having revenues of nearly USD 140 Billion in 2013, there are over 400 civil nuclear power reactors in operation around the world today.

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