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Renewables are steadily becoming a greater part of the global energy mix, in particular in the power sector and in regions that have put in place measures to promote their deployment. Double-digit growth rates have been observed in the last decade for some renewable energy technologies and renewables are projected to continue to grow strongly.

Power generation from renewables is set to increase by over 7 000 TWh from 2011 to 2035, making up almost half of the increase in total generation. Renewables become the second-largest source of electricity before 2015, with continued growth of hydropower and bioenergy, plus rapid expansion of wind and solar PV. Almost two-thirds of the increase in power generation from renewables is in non-OECD countries. The increase in China is more than that in the European Union, United States and Japan combined.

Following the central government’s cue, a number of Indian states have stepped on the gas with regards to issuance of renewable energy tenders. Leading states in renewable energy installed capacity are dishing out tenders one after the other while some new states are issuing large tenders for the first time.

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