The energy and utilities sector currently employs over 11 million people in hundreds thousands businesses globally. Approximately 6.5 million people were employed by the renewable energy industry worldwide last year. The energy sector continues to thrive, with green, solar, and oil and gas companies increasing production and hiring new employees at the beginning of 2016.

There are many exciting career opportunities available in the energy and utilities sector, providing a variety of interesting and rewarding careers and progression opportunities. Demand is high for skilled engineers and technicians, scientists, operatives and customer services staff with flexibility and adaptability across all occupations. Energy Jobs List site publishes vacancies from across the energy industry, so whether you are looking to start your career or transfer your skills or progress within your current career than you have found the right website.

Energy Jobs List enables you to:
  • Create free account and use tools available on our website to streamline your job search
  • Match your skills to the ideal job - use our job search tool to match you skills, experience and requirements to find the perfect vacancy
  • Create or upload your CV and let recruiters find you when they search our Jobseekers database
  • Create Jobs-by-email alert and receive all matching job openings as soon as they become available
  • Track your applications - track and manage the progress of all your job applications in one place, your Jobseeker Dashboard
  • Check who viewed your profile - check how many Recruiters viewed your profile
  • Save jobs for later - save your latest job search results in your profile for later viewing and applications
  • Set your privacy settings - you decide how much you want to reveal about yourself; you can also hide you name from your current employer
  • Use private messaging to contact chosen Recruiters securely
  • Career advice - all the information and guidance you need to plan your career in the energy industry
  • And more ...
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