Jobseeker FAQ

Because of the high turnover rate in jobs openings, some of our employers choose to list their job openings with Energy Jobs List year-round in order to build a talent pool of potential candidates. These employers are constantly hiring new workers – however, they may not be hiring in your area at the exact moment you are looking for a job.

What does this mean to you? If you apply to a job and then the employer tells you they are not interviewing now, be patient. The employer has your application filed away and may contact you when positions open back up. In the meantime, please check Energy Jobs List regularly, because we add new jobs every day. Also you can create Jobs-by-Email Alert and receive new jobs openings matching your criteria directly to your inbox.

If you require personal feedback on any of your applications, you need to contact the recruitment agency or employer who advertised the vacancy on Energy Jobs List.

Some recruiters publish contact details on the vacancies they advertise which you can view by simply:

1. Logging onto your Jobseeker Dashboard
2. Select the "My Saved/Applied Jobs" tab, located towards the top of the page to view a full list of the applications you have made.
3. Clicking on the name of the Recruiter that is listed under the vacancy reference that you have applied for, will display any details that the Recruiter has provided us with. This will enable you to make direct contact with them, if they have chosen to make the contact details available.

Unfortunately, we do not hold any details of what is happening to your application so it is only the recruiters that will be able to help you here.

Energy Jobs List is not a direct employer nor recruitment agency in the traditional sense, so we do not accept CVs or job applications by post or email. The web site is set up for you to carry out searches, and allow recruiters to match you to their positions (via your Jobseeker Dashboard). When you complete an application online, you are contacting the recruiter directly, in a format that they can accept and process easily.

If you want feedback on how your application is progressing, you should contact the recruiter directly. You can contact Recruiter directly by using our Private Messaging system. Simply login to your Jobseeker Dashboard and choose Private Messaging.

We cannot give you an exact answer because Energy Industry Jobs is not involved in employers' hiring decisions. There are many possible reasons for your application being rejected:

  • There's a lot of competition for jobs right now.
  • Your skills and work experience may not have been exactly what the employer was looking for.
  • Are there blanks in your online profile? Employers like to have as much information about you as possible.

Do not get discouraged! Our most successful job seekers apply to 10 or more jobs. So get out there and apply, apply, apply. Check out Career Advice section for insider tips that will help you find a job.

If you are looking for further details about a vacancy you will need to speak to the recruiter who advertised that particular job.

Some recruiters publish their contact details alongside or within the advertisement which you can view by:

1. Visiting the vacancy page and clicking on the job title of the vacancy you require more information on.

2. If available, the contact details will either be presented on the left hand side of the page under the Recruiter Info section, within the Job Description itself or at the bottom of the page where it tells you how to apply.

Energy Jobs List so not have any more details than those already displayed but the recruiter should be able to help.

Using Energy Jobs List website is free for Jobseekers. We believe that you should never pay to apply for a job so our Jobseeker service is completely free.

Energy Jobs List is a specialist jobs site aiming to provide the best energy jobs for candidates who work in the energy industry. Whether you are looking for a new job, or ready to take the next step in your career, we will help you find the opportunity that is right for you. Energy industry companies are continually looking for talented and committed people to help them shape the evolution of global energy industry for the decades to come. With thousands of new jobs likely to appear over the coming years, now is the great time to seek a career in the energy industry.

For more information visit About us page.

We cannot give you an exact answer because Energy Industry Jobs is not involved in employers' hiring decisions. For feedback on how your application is progressing you need to contact the advertiser. If you have used the 'Apply for job' button, you can usually get their contact details by logging in to your Jobseeker Dashboard and clicking on the 'My applications' link. On this page will be listed all the jobs you have applied for. Click on the job title to see the details of the jobs. The advertiser's contact details are displayed at the bottom.

Do not get discouraged! Our most successful job seekers apply to 10 or more jobs. So get out there and apply, apply, apply. Check out Career Advice section for insider tips that will help you find a job.

Energy Jobs List has three levels of privacy for the Jobseeker Profile. Using the Jobseeker Profile Privacy Settings visibility options, you can choose to:

  • Make all your information searchable. This includes your name, contact details and CV.
  • Make only your experience profile, and non-personal information searchable, this does not include your name, contact details or your CV. You only have to reveal your identity when you reply to the recruiter.
  • Make all of your information private. You Jobseeker Profile becomes hidden and is no longer able to be found be recruiters. You are still able to view it via your Jobseeker Dashboard account and can choose to make it viewable again at a later date.

These options are found at the top of the Jobseeker Profile page. You will need to click on the 'Save profile' button after you make your selection.

Energy Jobs List will never send CV/Resume details to companies. Even if you apply for an open job, you can choose to send your CV/Resume details or just your email-address.

If you wish to register or sign up to our services, you will find this option on the top right hand corner on every page of our site. Then choose option "Register as a Jobseeker"

Follow the simple steps and you will have a Energy Jobs List account within minutes. During the registration you will need to provide your name and email address and create for yourself a username and password.

As a part of a registration you will receive email address with verification link. Simply clink on the link or paste link into your browser to confirm your registration. Once you complete this step, you can login to your Jobseeker Dashboard on Energy Jobs List.

If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the login page and choose option "Forgot your Password?". Here, if you enter the email address you used when you registered, then the password change verification code will be emailed to you. Click on the URL provided in the email and paste verification code. Click Submit. On the next page, enter your new password.

You will then see on-screen confirmation that your password has been successfully changed and you can now login to your Jobseeker Dashboard.

Your profile is stored in our Jobseekers database, and its use is controlled by you. Recruiters use a tool we offer called 'Jobseekers Search' in which they can specify the type of candidate they are looking for, and then search the database for matches. You will only be included in the search if you have made your profile available to be searched. When recruiters find a match, they can contact the Jobseeker directly.

To change your details such as your email address or your password, you will need to login to your account page and go to Edit Profile. Under the tab Personal Info you will see link Change password / E-mail.

To change either your email address or password simply by making the changes on the new page and don't forget to click Submit button. Your details will now have been altered. You will need to use this new information the next time you wish to login to your account.

Energy Jobs List offers a Jobs-by-Email service to ensure candidates are kept up-to-date with new vacancies as they are posted to the site. Jobs-by-Email is a free service for all Energy Jobs List Jobseekers.

The Jobs-by-Email you receive will be a reflection of the information that you have inserted into the specified fields. It is an automated programme that looks at what you have inserted and searches through all the vacancies on the site and matches them to the keywords you entered when you created the search. It will filter out any that do not match with the data you have inserted.

Please be aware however, that the programme will only search and word match for you and will not interpret your requirements and provide you with details for example, about a job as a Secretary, if you have specified that you only wish to be advised about a jobs as a Personal Assistant.

Below we detail how best to create or edit a search strings.

1. Login to your Jobseeker Dashboard

2. Click on My Job Alerts button at the top of the page, either select "add" to create a new search or locate the search string you wish to change and select the "Edit" link at the end of the line.

3. Insert your information to create a new search or make any necessary changes to an existing search (see below) and select save.

You will then start to receive your Jobs-by-Email.

Some recruiters choose to deal with their applications through Energy Jobs List, and others prefer that the application process be done through their own career websites and ask candidates to fill out bespoke application forms to apply for their jobs, when it says "Apply on recruiter's website", it means Energy Jobs List simply act as an advertising window for the job and the recruitment process takes place on the recruiter's website, not Energy Jobs List.

When you click Apply on Energy Jobs List you may be sent to another site to finish the application process. Don't skip this step! If you do not fully complete the application process, you won't be considered for the job.

Advertisers range from energy industry companies, recruitment agencies specialising in recruitment for energy industry and other organisations who have energy related vacancies to fill. Energy Jobs List the online job advertising website for companies and organisations operating within energy industry. Our advertisers post energy industry job adverts, to attract you to their vacancies.

Once you click the Apply button your CV and covering letter are automatically sent to the Recruiter. If you have already registered on Energy Jobs List you can apply for several roles and also chose to receive the latest jobs that match your criteria via Jobs-by-Email or our RSS service.

Once you have applied for a role, all you need to do is to wait for the Recruiter to contact you to discuss the next stage of the application process. Once you have applied for a advertised role, you have chosen for your CV and contact details to be emailed to the Recruiter to contact you about the role.

As Energy Jobs List is the job advertising platform for our Recruiters, once you have applied for the position your application is with the Recruiter and Energy Jobs List is no longer involved in the application process.

Energy Jobs List has thousands of jobs advertised on it and has been designed with intelligent matching technology which takes the hassle out of your job hunting. We have also got lots of different tools and services to help you find the right jobs quickly and easily, for example:

  • Upload your CV and make it searchable to recruiters by clicking the distribute link. This means that when a recruiter is looking for someone like you to fill a position they'll find you when they search the CV database
  • Set up your own Jobs-by-Email alerts and we'll send you the latest jobs that match your needs
  • Securely store your CV and covering letters and save time when applying for jobs
  • Keep track of all your Energy Jobs List applications
  • Career advice ranging from podcasts to articles on everything from CVs to interviews
  • Receive jobs by RSS feeds throughout the day to ensure you're among the first to hear about new vacancies
  • Browse latest news from energy industry from around the world 

Employers vary widely in the way they handle recruitment. Some companies are very quick, others take a long time. Some companies reply to all applicants, others only to the ones that they like to interview. Energy Jobs List advises Recruiters that it is important to keep applicants well informed, however since this is outside our control and up to the Recruiters, there might be delays.

Cookies are short pieces of data used by websites to help remember users. If you get the "cookies not enabled" message, first verify that third-party software on your computer (such as ad blockers and personal firewalls) is not blocking cookies.

Then, check your browser's settings to make sure that cookies are enabled and allowed for your Energy Jobs List session:

In Internet Explorer

1. At the top of the browser window, click on the Tools menu and select the Privacy tab.
2. Set the slider to Medium.
3. You can also click the Sites button, type in Energy Jobs List and select Allow.

In Firefox

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu, and select Options.
2. Click the Privacy icon.
3. Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked.
4. Make sure Accept third-party cookies is checked.
5. Click Exceptions and make sure Energy Jobs List is not listed.

In Safari

1. From the Safari menu, click Preferences.
2. Click the Security icon.
3. Where it says "Accept cookies," select Always.

If this does not answer your question then contact us.

We understand how busy you are and we promise not to bombard you with large amount of emails every day. However, as a member of Energy Jobs List you will receive emails from time to time to your primary login email address

Upon registration on Energy Jobs List you will receive registration confirmation email.

If you have subscribed to Jobs-by-Email, we will send you and email with all new jobs openings matching your search criteria as soon as they become available.

If you forgot your password and requested remainder we will send you an email containing password change verification code.

You can change your email address at any time on the update profile page.

Add Energy Jobs List to your 'safe senders' list, and ensure that our emails arrive safely in your inbox.

You can upload your CV to Energy Jobs List by doing any one of the following tasks:

• Registering your details
• Registering your details whilst applying for a job
• Registering your details whilst setting up a Jobs by Email alert
• Updating your CV from the Jobseekers Dashboard

You will first need to create your CV on your PC as a word document or .rtf format file, not containing any graphics, tables, text boxes or multi-column layouts. We suggest that you keep the layout of your CV as simple as possible and avoid 'unnecessary' decorations as this will be rejected and you will be unable to load your CV successfully.

Once you have created your CV, you will then need to register with us and create an account and once you have created an account you can start building you profile and upload your CV.

From the Jobseeker Dashboard page you should click on the 'Edit profile' button. In the 'Personal details' section at the top of the 'My jobseeker profile' page, look for the CV text field and browse button. Click on the browse button and you will see a 'Choose file' window. Locate your CV on your computer and then click on 'Open'. The path to your CV will appear in the CV text field.

Complete the rest of your Jobseeker Profile and click the 'Save profile' button at the bottom of the page. Your CV is now on our system and will allow recruiters to evaluate you for jobs they may have.

Creating a really effective CV can be very challenging, so it's advisable to use a checklist to ensure it is right. Your CV is your 'marketing brochure', which gives you just a couple of pages to convey your value to an employer including your personality, skills and experience. But you may be competing with many others going for the same job. So how do you stand out? Here are our Top 5 tips for a perfect CV

1. Less is more: It's the biggest mistake to write too much. The average recruiter spends less than 45 seconds scanning a CV. Some will even take a less than 10-second glance to decide whether to look further and if it looks badly presented or not aesthetically inviting to read, it will probably be discarded almost immediately. Don't make it too long by going too far back into your employment history in great detail. Employers are suspicious of 'butterflies', i.e. those who change their jobs too often. If you do have a long list of jobs, then summarise or group some of these to keep your CV to a nice and crisp two pages. Make your personal statement as compelling as possible so you sound like someone they would want to employ as being good for them and not necessarily good for you!

2. Avoid fancy formatting and over-creativity: What looks nice on your computer screen may not look good in printed or other formats so keep the formatting to a minimum. Recruitment Agencies and Consultants often use their own templates, so make sure your CV is easy to copy and paste, such as in a simple MS 'Word doc'.

3. Mind the gaps: Your CV should read as a continuous flow of activities with explanations for any gaps such as travelling, long-term illness, maternity leave, sabbaticals, etc.

4. Bespoke it: This is one of the best-kept recruitment secrets! Job roles can be very different so bespoke (tailor) your CV to suit the role. Look at the job description and write your CV to suit the role. Speak the language your potential employer speaks but stick to the truth. You can send different CVs to suit different employers in a targeted fashion but don't make bespoke CVs too obvious. It can also greatly help your cause if you can add the credibility of a third-party report on you to accompany your CV. After all, your CV is a self-serving marketing document which you have produced yourself. Employers will treat much of what you say in it with a slight pinch of salt. It is thus very powerful to utilise a third-party report to add credibility to what you say, such as job-matching, psychometric analysis and personality profiling.

5. Grammar and spelling: It is almost a job-seeking 'sin' to have typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes in your CV. Nothing will annoy hiring managers or employers more and demonstrate more clearly that you do not pay attention to detail. ALWAYS ask someone else who is reliable to proof-read and check your CV for mistakes. The best of us will often not spot our own mistakes and it is why professional writers have their work proof-read. Your CV is effectively your marketing brochure so make sure it does not market you badly and achieve the opposite of what you intended!

Here at Energy Jobs List, we do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best possible service. We work very hard to keep our customers happy and it is always good to know when we have succeeded.

However, sometimes, we don't get things right first time. If you're not completely happy with our service, we need to hear about it – that way, we can do something to put it right.
If you have any suggestions, ideas or problems with our service, we would welcome your feedback to help continually improve our service. Please contact us.

You can use the "Search Box" on the top of Energy Jobs page, or visit Search Jobs page for advanced search option, or you can browse the jobs by simply going to the "Homepage" and then clicking on browse jobs by category or location. This allows you to look at the different jobs and apply.

You can also search jobs using your Jobseeker Dashboard. Simply login and choose Search Jobs option.

To modify a CV you have stored on your Jobseeker Dashboard, you must first make any changes on the CV document saved on your own PC. Alternatively, you may wish to create a new document. Once the changes are done, you can upload the new CV. You can upload more than once CV document.

To change or edit your details you will then need to login to your account:

  • Login into your Jobseeker Dashboard
  • Select "Add / Edit Resume"
  • Choose either to past your CV in the editor provided or to upload your CV as a ready document
  • If you choose to past your CV simply copy and paste your CV into editor provide and select Save button
  • If you choose to upload your CV document, locate the "Choose files" button - you will be prompted to search your PC or Disk for your CV
  • Once selected, click the "Save" to store your CV. It will now be checked by our system for any viruses.

The formatting may get changed by the upload process or the CV rejected completely if it has complicated formatting in it. To ensure the layout of your CV is compatible with our system, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Keep the layout of your CV as simple as possible.
2. Avoid 'unnecessary' decorations.
3. Avoid the use of Text Boxes: these do not convert well into simple text or html formats, sometimes becoming blank.
4. Avoid the use of graphics. Again these will not appear in simple text or html versions of your CV. They also make the MSWord documents very large.
5. Avoid using multiple tabs to arrange text, instead use a single tab with the correct tab setting. In the text version the tabs may convert to varying numbers of spaces. In html format the multiple tabs may force the text to wrap unpredictably over multiple lines.
6. Avoid using tables.
7. Avoid using multi-column page layouts.
8. Avoid multi-sectioned documents.
9. Don't password protect your CV.
10. Don't embed other documents.

In order to apply for a job listed on Energy Jobs lIst, you need to register on our website and attach your CV. Then you need to log in with your username and password. 

Follow these simple steps to apply for a job:

1. Create your profile. Include as much information about your skills, education and experience as possible; the information in your profile will be sent to employers when you apply to jobs.

2. Search for a job using Search Jobs function or browse jobs by category or company name.

3. Click the Apply button once you find a job that interests you.

4. Click the Submit button when finished. The system will send your profile via email directly to the hiring manager for review.

5. Wait to hear from the employer. Don't forget to check your email and voicemail regularly

Once completed, the application goes to the concerned Recruiter and nothing can be done to withdraw your application.

A list of your applications can be found in your Jobseeker Dashboard page to help you keep track.

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