The energy industries have well-documented skills gaps, making it harder and harder for organisations to find the skilled and qualified staff they need for their projects: this is where Energy Jobs List comes in...

With Energy Jobs List you can:
  • Post jobs - target the right Candidates by posting your ad to thousands of candidates via our simple ad posting feature
  • SEO friendly job posting - Energy Jobs List is constantly making enhancements to ensure that your job postings are searchable in major search engines
  • Search candidates - create an account for instant access to our worldwide and local Jobseekers database
  • Contact candidates - you can contact chosen candidates using our free Private Messaging feature
  • We will email your job ads to Jobseekers - we will send email notifications about your job ad to matching Jobseekers in our database
  • We will promote your ad - Energy Jobs List can help you to raise your organisation's profile and promote the career opportunities your business has to offer
  • Online applications management - categorize / group, rank and put brief remarks on individual Jobseeker profiles
  • Free listing in Recruiters A-Z with Company microsite
  • Corporate advertising - add banners and custom emails to your ads and get help from our dedicated account managers
  • And more ...
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