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Here at Energy Jobs List, we do everything we can to make sure our customers get the best possible service. We work very hard to keep our customers happy and it is always good to know when we have succeeded.

However, sometimes, we don't get things right first time. If you're not completely happy with our service, we need to hear about it – that way, we can do something to put it right.
If you have any suggestions, ideas or problems with our service, we would welcome your feedback to help continually improve our service. Please contact us.

Cookies are short pieces of data used by websites to help remember users. If you get the "cookies not enabled" message, first verify that third-party software on your computer (such as ad blockers and personal firewalls) is not blocking cookies.

Then, check your browser's settings to make sure that cookies are enabled and allowed for your Energy Jobs List session:

In Internet Explorer

1. At the top of the browser window, click on the Tools menu and select the Privacy tab.
2. Set the slider to Medium.
3. You can also click the Sites button, type in Energy Jobs List and select Allow.

In Firefox

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu, and select Options.
2. Click the Privacy icon.
3. Make sure Accept cookies from sites is checked.
4. Make sure Accept third-party cookies is checked.
5. Click Exceptions and make sure Energy Jobs List is not listed.

In Safari

1. From the Safari menu, click Preferences.
2. Click the Security icon.
3. Where it says "Accept cookies," select Always.

If this does not answer your question then contact us.

Energy Jobs List encourages Recruiters to display company logo next to every add posted on our website. This will give you more brand exposure. 

To enable this option simply upload your logo as a part of company profile creation. Logo will be automatically added to your job add and displayed next to your job description.

Energy Jobs List takes pride in offering a targeted approach to finding ambitious and skilled professionals and engineers willing to work for energy industry. By focusing on this niche market, we attract quality candidates. Besides this, we promote Energy Jobs List on many leading related websites where targeted candidates frequently visit.

We have an unrivalled database of talented professionals within the energy sector. Our Jobseeker Search can bring your business into contact with appropriately skilled individuals in a discreet and professional manner.

Additionally, we promote all listings to thousands of readers via RSS feeds and our ever growing network of candidates who use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We also continually work on SEO to improve visibility of Energy Jobs List on search engines.

Using Energy Jobs List is simple. Register, compete your Recruiter profile and start posting your jobs ads in few easy steps. Energy Jobs List enables employers to post their own jobs and edit or remove them at any time.

Post jobs yourself using our online advertising tool or contact one of the team who will advise you on the most appropriate campaign.

You can cancel or delete your job add any time. Login to your Recruiter Dashboard and click on the "My Job Listing" button. You will then see a list of all your job ads posted on Energy Jobs List. Find the particular job you would like cancelled and press the "Delete" button next to job add.

To post your job ads simply register and create your Recruiter profile. You will need to provide us with valid Recruiter details and confirm your email address before gaining access to the site as an employer.

To post a job, login and click on "Post New Job" button or select "Post New Jobs" from the navigation bar. Fill all the fields required and ensure you provide a clear description of job requirements as this will attract more quality applicants.

Energy Jobs List trusts Recruiters in good faith when using the service, to act within the Employment and Discrimination Laws. We do not allow employers to use the service to advertise non existing jobs, low-paid or deferred payment opportunities.

To prevent outside members from contacting you directly please do not include your name or contact details in the main job description.

Jobs posted on Energy Jobs List expire after 30 days. Once the time has elapsed, it will show as "Expired" in your account area and a notification is sent to your contact email address. The job can be edited and re-posted if no suitable applicants have been found.

Energy Jobs List allows an employer to re-edit any previous job that has been posted. This will allow you to continue to receive applications and manage them under the same job reference number. To do this simply log-in to Recruiter Dashboard and click on "My Job Listing" button. From there you can manage your jobs listings, edit job ads, delete jobs or re-post expired ads.

If you have marketing related request please contact us.

Your listing will appear live on Energy Jobs List as soon as you post it and click button "Publish". The job add will remain live for 30 days.  You can delete your job add at any time.

Each job ad is different and the performance of each job ad is unpredictable. Responses vary depending on a number of factors including core skill and location. Also quality of job description is crucial in attracting quality Jobseekers. When writing your job add copy make sure you include as many details as possible.

If you have forgotten your password, you can go to the login page and choose option "Forgot your Password?". Here, if you enter the email address you used when you registered, then the password change verification code will be emailed to you. Click on the URL provided in the email and paste verification code. Click Submit. On the next page, enter your new password.

You will then see on-screen confirmation that your password has been successfully changed and you can now login to your Recruiter Dashboard.

If you wish to register or sign up to our services, you will find this option on the top right hand corner on every page of our site. Then choose option "Register as a Recruiter"

Follow the simple steps and you will have an Energy Jobs List account within minutes. During the registration you will need to provide your name and email address and create for yourself a username and password.

As a part of a registration you will receive email address with verification link. Simply clink on the link or paste link into your browser to confirm your registration. Once you complete this step, you can login to your Recruiter Dashboard on Energy Jobs List.

The advert will appear on Energy Jobs List website for 30 days. You can delete your add at any time.

Job posting is just the start. Energy Jobs List offers banner advertising, home page buttons, company profile pages, online application management, keyword sponsorship, email shots: all these additional advertising products can help to increase your chances of online recruitment success.

We understand how busy you are and we promise not to bombard you with large amount of emails every day. However, as a member of Energy Jobs List you will receive emails from time to time to your primary login email address

Upon registration on Energy Jobs List you will receive registration confirmation email.

You will also receive email notification each time Jobseeker applies for your job add.

If you forgot your password and requested remainder we will send you an email containing password change verification code.

You can change your email address at any time on the update profile page.

Add Energy Jobs List to your 'safe senders' list, and ensure that our emails arrive safely in your inbox.

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